Who We Are

Founded by a group of noted scientists and leading machine learning pioneers, the team at Geometric Intelligence is redefining the boundaries of machine learning through innovative, patent-pending techniques that learn more efficiently from less data.

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Gary Marcus

CEO and Co-Founder

Gary is a scientist, bestselling author, and entrepreneur. His published works include The Algebraic Mind: Integrating Connectionism and Cognitive Science and The Birth of the Mind: How a Tiny Number of Genes Creates the Complexities of Human Thought. He is also Professor of Psychology and Neural Science at NYU.

Zoubin Ghahramani


Zoubin is a world leader in the field of machine learning and Professor of Information Engineering at the University of Cambridge. He is known in particular for fundamental contributions to probabilistic modeling and Bayesian nonparametric approaches to machine learning systems, and to the development of approximate variational inference algorithms for scalable learning.

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Although we are still largely in stealth mode, we are hiring!

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Geometric Intelligence
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